2018 Harrison County Fair

  Cynthiana, Kentucky

 July 21-Horse Show; July 22-Free Gospel Sing


  Harrison County Fair

Cynthiana, KY

July 22-29


Welcome to the Harrison County Fair!



Harrison County 4-H Club Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization, incorporated January 1961 to promote and further 4-H Club work and other educational objectives, in Harrison County in cooperation with the County Extension Agents appointed by the University of Kentucky and the United States Department of Agriculture.


Listed are numerous others in which the fair could not continue without.  The Harrison County Fair is planned and conducted according to Kentucky Department of Agriculture regulations for the use of state funds and is put on by volunteers of the community.


Harrison County 4H Club Center Board

Greg McCauley & Christy Hall, Co-Chairs; Randy Wade, Vice Chairman; Susan Hayes, Secretary; David Asher, Treasurer; Mollie Smith, Public Relations; Jo Banks, Livestock; Mike Tobin, Horse Shows; Jerry Prows, Tractor events; BJ Wilson-Price, Concessions; Additional members; Dawn Arnold, Holly Laytart; Joyce Mullens, Pam Stonich, Gary Carter and many more.


Harrison County Extension District Board; Chairman—Richard Wolsing; Vice Chairman—Jennifer Yazell; Secretary—Charla Nunnelley; Treasurer—Julie Asher; B.T. Darnell; Jack Sifford; Mike Malone; Alex Barnett


Harrison County Extension Council; Chairman—Bradley Copes; Vice Chairman—Mike Malone; Secretary—Charla Nunnelley; Treasurer—Julie Asher; Jack Sifford; B.T. Darnell; Richard Wolsing; Jennifer Yazell; Alex Barnett


DISTRICTS; District 1—Russchelle Thompson; District 2—Vacant; District 3—Mike & Johnna Malone; District 4—Jr. & Sandy Power; District 5 – Vacant; District 6—Vacant; District 7—Brent & Ashley Dunaway; District 8—Bradley & Diane Copes


Ag. Council—Butch Case & Ronnie Franklin

4H Council—Kelly Tucker

FCS Council—Harlene Welch, Jane Butcher, & Bonnie Teater

Harrison County Homemakers


The incorporators of the Harrison County 4-H Club Center trust it will endure as an asset to the community.  The grounds and facilities, made possible primarily by the generosity of organizations and individuals within the community are available to families and organizations upon request through the HC Extension Office at 859.234.5510.



1.      The Harrison County 4-H Club Center, Inc Board of the Harrison County Fair has complete and final jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to the show and premium payments.  Changes based on money available.

2.      Exhibitors must see that entries are listed with the Superintendent of the department in which the exhibit is classed.

3.      All entries in all classes, except livestock, must be entered by 12:00 Noon the first Monday of the scheduled fair.   4-H & Floral Hall non perishable exhibits may be entered the first Sunday from 3:00-6:00 p.m.  Exhibitors may remove exhibits between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. the last Saturday of the fair.  Any exhibit not removed by closing of the fair on Saturday night will be cared for by the management but without liability for same.  Youth exhibitors who are entering another fair, may, upon signing an affidavit to that effect, be permitted to remove exhibits.  All livestock must be on the grounds and entered in the event in which they are to be shown at time designated in division rules (for rabbits and poultry, see event date and times listed in catalog).

4.      Pulling contests, breed animal classes of dairy and beef are open to anyone.  Adult Home Economics, art, FFA, and 4-H Club exhibits shall be limited to Harrison County only.  Club members may exhibit grade animals, all others must be registered.

5.      No person except the Judges and Department Superintendents may remain in Floral Hall while the judges are awarding the premiums.  No youth member may be present in Floral Hall while judging is being done.  Floral Hall will be open from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.

6.      Extra care will be used to protect all exhibits and entries and to prevent accidents and bodily harm, but the Fair is not                   responsible, or liable for any losses, accidents of damages that may occur.

7.      Any exhibitor interfering with judges will be excused from the class.  The decision of the judges is final.

8.      Premiums will be paid at the Secretary's Booth on the last Saturday of the fair between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.  No checks will be reissued.

9.      Entries made in 4-H and FFA Classes must have been produced in conjunction with an approved project sponsored by these organizations.

10.    Feed and bedding must be furnished by exhibitor of livestock.

11.    County youth exhibitors may exhibit livestock (Beef, Dairy) either 4-H or FFA, but not both.

12.    An exhibitor shall be allowed not more than one entry in any one class, except livestock classes, where two entries are allowed, and other special noted classes.  No exhibitor may enter more than two (2) breeds of the same type of breeding animals.

13.    No exhibitor shall receive over two monies in any one livestock class with the exception of Market Classes determined by weights, etc.

14.    The Fair reserves the right to alter the order of showing a class and to cancel in case of bad weather.

15.    Premium ribbons have no value as to payment of premiums.  Premiums shall be paid only from the Record of the Superintendent.

16.    Exhibitors shall at all times give the necessary personal attention to whatever they may have on exhibition and at the close of the Fair take charge of same.

17.    Official health certificates on dairy, beef cattle, and horses are required before they are unloaded.

18.    In all fairness to our sponsors, all livestock must stay on the grounds the day of the show until after show is completed.

19.    Danish money paid only once (1) per animal, Harrison County Youth only.

20.    All exhibitors must remove all bedding and manure waste to manure spreader.

21.    To enter Adult Home Economics you must be a resident of Harrison County and turned 19 years of age the same year of the fair.  You cannot enter both youth and adult classes.

22.    An exhibitor may not cross enter in 4-H and Adult Home Economics.

23.    To be eligible for a class award or top exhibitor in clothing and textiles at the County Fair, a 4-H member must have fully participated in the Style Revue.  Otherwise, the 4-H member's garment will be awarded on the Danish system.  (Full participation in the Style Revue itself.)

24.    A class that has entries does not automatically receive a 1st placing.  If a class does not have an entry deemed to be of sufficient, quality judge(s) may award only 2nd or 3rd.

25.    Vendors; inquire with the carnival. No outside vendors of any kind are permitted unless authorized by the carnival. 


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