2023 Harrison County Fair

  Cynthiana, Kentucky

  Harrison County Fair

Cynthiana, KY

July 22-29


 Fun Horse Show - July 20

Carnival to begin July 22

Livestock Shows


a. 302 KAR 20:040 (Entry into Kentucky)
b. 302KAR 20:065 (Sale and Exhibition of Kentucky Origin Livestock)
-All livestockl animals offered for sale or exhibition at Kentucky County Fairs shall meet the following regulations according to
KRS Chapter 257:
-Any questions concerning these health regulations should be directed to your local veterinarian or the Kentucky State
Veterinarian's office at 502-564-3956.
Livestock Health Regulations can be obtained on the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Web site:

Please be advised that Livestock Health Regulations are subject to change any time.